Match Making Tool

Kuver Products have taken this initiative to help the schools to choose their belts and ties from this exclusive collection of most used belts, ties, buckles and badges.

This match making tool is very helpful for everyone who are involved in this business starting from the manufacturers and taking straight to the parents whose kids study in schools.

This tool shows you the standard design patterns and the color combination which schools use. Below shown patterns and color combinations are most suitable for schools as these products are available freely and in less time while a custom made pattern or color takes time in manufacturing and it takes longer time to avail your products. Most suppliers and even manufacturers fail to deliver products on time and thus it becomes a loss-loss situation where school as well as the suppliers are often troubled due to delayed delivery.

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Black White Barabar Belts

Sky White Barabar Belts

Brown White Barabar Belts

Red White Barabar Belts

Green White Barabar Belts

Grey White Barabar Belts

Mahroon White Barabar Belts

Black Cream Barabar Belts

Sky Cream Barabar Belts

Brown Cream Barabar Belts

Green Cream Barabar Belts

Grey Sky Barabar Belts

Mahroon Cream Barabar Belts

Black White 5 Lines Belts

Sky White 5 Lines Belts

Brown White 5 Lines Belts

Red White 5 Lines Belts

Green White 5 Lines Belts

Grey White 5 Lines Belts

Mahroon White 5 Lines Belts

Black Cream 5 Lines Belts

Sky Cream 5 Lines Belts

Brown Cream 5 Lines Belts

Red Cream 5 Lines Belts

Green Cream 5 Lines Belts

Mahroon Golden 5 Lines Belts

Grey Sky 5 Lines Belts

Mahroon Cream 5 Lines Belts

Black White Tunning Belts

Sky White Tunning Belts

Brown White Tunning Belts

Red White Tunning Belts

Green White Tunning Belts

Grey White Tunning Belts

Mahroon White Tunning Belts

Black Cream Tunning Belts

Sky Cream Tunning Belts

Brown Cream Tunning Belts

Red Cream Tunning Belts

Green Cream Tunning Belts

Grey Sky Tunning Belts

Mahroon Cream Tunning Belts

Black White Railway Belts

Sky White Railway Belts

Brown White Railway Belts

Red White Railway Belts

Green White Railway Belts

Grey White Railway Belts

Mahroon White Railway Belts

Black Cream Railway Belts

Sky Cream Railway Belts

Brown Cream Railway Belts

Red Cream Railway Belts

Green Cream Railway Belts

Grey Sky Railway Belts

Mahroon Cream Railway Belts

Red White Grey Tiranga Belts

Indian Flag Tiranga Belts

Green Red R.L.B. Belts

Grey Mahroon R.L.B. Belts

Grey Red R.L.B. Belts

Green Red Sky Airforce Belts

Green White Red Airforce Belts

Green White Sky Airforce Belts

Grey Red Sky Airforce Belts

Grey White Red Airforce Belts

Grey White Sky Airforce Belts

Red Sky Black Airforce Belts

Red White Black Airforce Belts

Mahroon White Sky Airforce Belts

Green 2 White Center Red Belts

Grey 2 Red Center White Belts

Grey 2 Sky Center Red Belts

Grey 2 White Center Red Belts

Sky 2 White Center Red Belts

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